F***ing Ho, Ho, Ho

Santa Claws is not amused.

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0 Responses to F***ing Ho, Ho, Ho

  1. lambchop says:

    Yeah, cats don’t hold with looking silly, intentionally. Dogs just love it.


  2. Reamus says:

    Pissed off is better than pissed on my Daddy used to always say, and that cat is surely not a happy camper.


  3. Something tells me that whoever did this will live to regret it. Cats seems to be good at holding grudges.


  4. Butch Pansy says:

    Someone is going to find a smelly surprise in his shoe.


  5. Lsamsa says:

    There will certainly be a ‘dump on the duvet’ in this cat’s person’s future.


  6. If not a well placed stream of cat urine, Lsamsa.


  7. RobGinChicago says:

    Dress me up like some damned poodle, huh? Well, ho-ho-ho, go look in your shoe for my “gift” to you.


  8. “Knock it off!! If I have to come down that chimney…



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