Carly “Fire ’em All” Fiorina wants to be fair

“Let us accept Rev. Al’s point and the president’s point about fairness,” Fiorina replied. “But equally, it is not fair that public employee union pensions and benefits are so rich now that cities and states are going bankrupt and college tuition is going up 25 and 30 percent or police and firefighters are being cut. There’s a lot that isn’t fair right now.”

For the record, Fiorina is the person who started the first big wave of technology mass-firings and off-shoring to low-wage counties like India and China. During her brief tenure at HP, Fiorina fired over 18,000 employees and coined the phrase Right-sizing to dismiss it. When the Board canned her, she got a very fair $43 Million golden parachute for her troubles.

(Raw Story)

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0 Responses to Carly “Fire ’em All” Fiorina wants to be fair

  1. Grung_e_Gene says:

    $21,000,000 for me is Fair

    Dental Care for thee is Unfair



  2. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    It’s just amazing how parasites like Fiorina live in a bubble of disconnection, it’s her right to get $43,000,000 for just a few years doing an incredibly incompetent job that ruined a company but some poor sap that slaved for 25-30 years serving the public is a POS moocher that doesn’t deserve to live his retirement out under a roof. Some one please tell me when Madame Guillotine is rolling into town.

    “Have I told you yet how much I hate these people?” Mike Malloy


  3. Makes me want to say the C-Word right out loud.



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