Eat the rich

Prarie Weather has a really good post up that deconstructs the mythology that the economy is ready to roar back if only there were some qualified people to fill the jobs.

While it might seem obvious, the issue is that the employer is not willing to pay for the skills that they want. So it is really that they would hire people if only they were willing to work for a pittance, or better yet for free.

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  1. This conception of our present reality is becoming clear, thanks to the [prematurely pronounced dead] Occupy/99% Movement, the best thing to happen to America since the Equal Rights Movement of the 60s. Many millions of us are realizing that we’re being screwed by people who are obscenely “well off,” and that elbowing each other out of the way on our race to the bottom of the trough isn’t at all just, and isn’t going to save any of us who aren’t already wealthy.

    Great work there, Prairie Weather, and thanks for the link, Tengrain.


  2. lambchop says:

    In 1976, the minimum wage was $2.30/hr. It was possible to have a furnished studio apt. in Portland, OR,, have money for food and utilities, but very little else. According to the rate of inflation from 1976 to 2012, the minimum wage should be $12.63/hr. And that would only get you the bare minimum. The current federal minimum wage is 7.25/hr. That is almost half of what it should be. It’s criminal that companies can make claims about the lack of skilled workers – see, too many people are getting educations and making themselves unemployable.

    Great article. Brutal reality.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Do those guys in the photo personify dickishness or is it just me?



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