Heads-up! A Full Wingnuttian Sunday

Not to worry, Scissorheads, no time to do a full report on the guests, but I could not help but noticing that The Sunday Talkies are having a trifecta and then some:

  • NBC’s Dancing with the Gregory will feature Senatorette Miss Lindsey Graham, who considers himself an endangered species. Bonus points if he says he is afraid of being teabagged.
  • CBS’ Telegrams from the McKinley Administration with have Grandpa Walnuts, who will be outraged over something or other regarding The Kenyan but will suckle on an open and unguarded mic and calm down.
  • Fox Noise’s Faux News Sunday will have Traitor Joe perhaps as his last hurrah as a senator and before he officially is inducted into the lobbyist Hall of Fame at AIPAC.
  • BONUS:

  • ABC’s This Week with a Greek Dwarf will feature staff-banging serial-adulterer Newticles continuing his world-wide rehab and grift tour.
  • PBS’ No One Watches Us Anyway will have lycanthropy exhibit A Bay Buchanan.
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0 Responses to Heads-up! A Full Wingnuttian Sunday

  1. KnucklesBdraggin says:

    It’s the wolf! it’s the wolf!
    (and I don’t mean Mr Blitzer)


  2. Mr DeBakey says:

    Former Prezzidental candidate McCain was in Halifax this week-end for a world-wide conference on aging, or something.

    A representative of a leading Canadian newspaper asked McCain about this Benghazi shit and he “repeated his calls for a select committee in Congress to look into the Benghazi attack. “We did after Watergate. We did after Iran-Contra.”

    I’m thinking, “This dumbfuck is equating Watergate & Iran-Contra with Benghazi?”

    Man, it never ends with these guys.


  3. M. Bouffant says:

    I hear Charlie Pierce has dubbed Lindsay Graham “Huckleberry Closetcase.” The Senator’s parental units sure were prescient in giving him a could-go-either-way name.


  4. Mz. Lindsay is probably pissed b/c everyone is claiming that Tammy Baldwin is the first gay senator. Someone needs to remind her that Baldwin, when sworn in, will be the first OPENLY gay senator.



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