When you have to defend your marketing…

…you’ve already lost:

It’s about customer choice and not politics, [Federated, owner of Macy*s] CEO Terry Lundgren tells petition organizer. “Trump’s brand has become toxic and contemptible, it represents mean spirited bullying and chicanery,” Angelo Carusone replied.

The petition, which urges Macy*s to dump Trump as a spokesperson for the ubiquitous store, already has 570,000 signatures.

I would say that it is a colossal marketing fail already. Anyway, you can read the back and forth between the CEO and the activist Angelo Carusone who is largely credited with being the driving force who got Glenn Beck off TeeVee and delivered a body blow to Junkie Limbaugh by successfully getting their advertisers to drop them over their inflammatory and racist comments.


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0 Responses to When you have to defend your marketing…

  1. Didn’t Mr. Curious there ever hear of latex gloves and a cootie-comb?


  2. Dimitrios says:

    Maybe Big Bird can build a nest in The Donald’s combover.



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