Anger Goblin Angry

Poor, old Grandpa Walnuts, there he was whoring himself to the media screaming for a select committee meeting to look in on what happened in Libya, when the media had the temerity to ask him why he was not attending the meeting that he was demanding that the government to hold.

Someone needs to remind SoyBlo that when she puts Daddy McCain into the Old White Guy Home For Angry Senators, just set up a mic and a camera and he’ll settle in well. Bonus idea: paint the room green and put out M&Ms.


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0 Responses to Anger Goblin Angry

  1. moeman says:

    How many (real) McHeroes act this way?


  2. Mr DeBakey says:

    Big John
    Big John

    Every morning at bout nine, you could see him arrive.
    He stood 5 foot 6, weighed 145.
    Kind of narrow at the shoulders, broad at the hip.
    And everybody knew you didn’t give no lip to Big John.

    Big John
    Big John
    Big Bad John

    Nobody seemed to know where John called home
    Had houses all over but he often stayed alone
    Somebody said he came from Panama
    Where he got into a fight in a dirty casbah
    And a crash and a blow from his ol’ right hand,
    sent a Hispanic fella to the promise land.

    Big John
    Big John
    Big Bad John


  3. another kiwi says:

    I like how Dana and Wolfie cover for Grampa W just to show there’s no hard feelings and they are all in this together.
    I also and too remember that Grampa Snappy has a bit of a reputation for this sort of thing. Usually the receiver gets a box of chocolates the next day though.


  4. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Is ‘scheduling error’ some sort of code for ‘I had to go poopie’?


  5. Bruce388 says:

    “Scheduling error” in Gramps’ case probably means he blasted his Depends.

    Ask him about how he almost got indicted in the Keating Five scandal. That should brighten the mood.



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