Raw Story

It seems that ABC News searches for images to use in their stories, just like us foul-mouthed bloggers of the left. This is a pretty great FAIL.

(Hat tip: Raw Story via Scissorhead Wagonjak)

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0 Responses to Whoopsie!

  1. Bruce388 says:

    Fox News missed a good one.


  2. RitZ says:

    I didn’t think the title of this cheesy book could get any funnier but you did it. Can’t stop laughing.


  3. Actually, I don’t find this ‘shoop all that funny. It’s kind of misogynistic on its face, no matter how mockworthy the whole situation may be.

    Also, on a basic level, I would much prefer our military spend more time screwing and less time killing.


  4. Cthulhu says:

    OK admit it, that was funny as hell, and puts this scandal in the right perspective. Whoever did this deserves a promotion.


  5. Now I understand – How could General Dave resist a woman who could bench press him… not to mention clean and jerk him!



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