And Teabaggery pulls the Petraeus story off the rails

Talking Points Memo pulls out the four most telling paragraphs from the NYTimes (paywall) story about the convoluted Patraeus affair story:

Ms. Kelley, a volunteer with wounded veterans and military families, brought her complaint to a rank-and-file agent she knew from a previous encounter with the F.B.I. office, the official also said. That agent, who had previously pursued a friendship with Ms. Kelley and had earlier sent her shirtless photographs of himself, was “just a conduit” for the complaint, he said. He had no training in cybercrime, was not part of the cyber squad handling the case and was never assigned to the investigation.

But the agent, who was not identified, continued to “nose around” about the case, and eventually his superiors “told him to stay the hell away from it, and he was not invited to briefings,” the official said. The Wall Street Journal first reported on Monday night that the agent had been barred from the case.

Later, the agent became convinced — incorrectly, the official said — that the case had stalled. Because of his “worldview,” as the official put it, he suspected a politically motivated cover-up to protect President Obama. The agent alerted Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, who called the F.B.I. director, Robert S. Mueller III, on Oct. 31 to tell him of the agent’s concerns.

The official said the agent’s self-described “whistle-blowing” was “a little embarrassing” but had no effect on the investigation.

So… the shirtless FBI Agent–who’s advances were spurned by the ingenue Jill Kelley went to the GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor to tip him that a scandal was brewing that could help the GOP, you know, because of his world view.

The little factoid that kept confusing me as this stupid story unfolded was why Cantor was briefed and the President wasn’t, and now we know: Teabagging. This sad and stupid story now officially has no legs. I hope that Mrs. Petraeus gets a good settlement and that miserable little rat-fucker General gets what he deserves.

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  1. knowdoubt says:

    Many years ago before the banking collapse I went to the trouble to visit the FBI office in Rome, Georgia with a file I had gathered when I stumbled upon a “joint venture” where a company was ripping off the bank with fraudulent loans where they got more loan than they were paying for the properties, pocketing the difference, then let the properties go into foreclosure again. The “recipient” of the .loans was a homeless person with no address. They did this over and over. The FBI couldn’t have been less interested and basically suggested not to let the door hit me in the ass on the way out… sooo I have great difficulty grasping why they would have been the least bit interested in “harassing emails” even a large quantity. They are a top down organization and could generally care less about what a “citizen” brings to them. If it doesn’t come from the top down they could care less, at least in my experience. I’ve had one other experience with them and they were just as uninspiring if not more so in that one, as well. I don’t wish to seem ungrateful for our national police but I have to call em as I saw them.

    When the banking collapse came I was not surprised, but some how I did not feel vindicated either. Cheers


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  3. M. Bouffant says:

    knowdoubt: Many FBI agents hope to put in their 20 or 30 yrs., retire w/ a full pension, & then get jobs in bank security. Thus, they are big on pursuing bank robbers, but not so big on going after robber banks. Even if the case you brought to their attention didn’t involve bank employees, the FBI bank detail doesn’t necessarily want to rock the boat or make bank incompetence public.


  4. knowdoubt says:

    M. bouffant, Thanks, I thought about adding a PS about just that. I applaud their efforts against bank robbers, I just regret that they aren’t so pro-active against the ones that wear coats and ties. And yes, it involved an insider, in coats and tie, how else? The fraud and corruption in banks cost us way more than all the bank robbers ever could have – so sad, that nobody with authority to do something cared. That will destroy this country if nothing else does, first. We generally shoot the whistleblowers, I’ve been fighting these MOFOS all my life.


  5. knowdoubt says:

    P.S. It took me a life time to realize the depth and pervasiveness of corruption as in Penn State, it is everywhere, not just Penn State and it is abominable.


  6. I’m FAR less concerned with where Petraeus garages his Babygeneral, and far more dismayed that a) my tax dollars are being squandered pursuing this idiocy, b) there is no such thing as “private” communications in the age of Homeland “Security,” and c) our elected officials are wasting their time trying to disgrace ANYONE associated with The Kenyan’s administration, no matter HOW FAR from the progressive spectrum they are.


  7. c) our elected officials are wasting their time trying to disgrace ANYONE associated with The Kenyan’s administration, no matter HOW FAR from the progressive spectrum they are.

    That’s the weird thing about this- all of the participants seem to be GOPers.


  8. Bruce388 says:

    All the agents can’t be as cool as Mulder and Scully.


  9. Matty Boy says:

    As my father said often: Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to conceive.


  10. PLH in NYC says:

    Wait Lee Atwater isn’t the only ratfucker? I am confused. I thought everyone had an original nickname?