Window Dressing

The next 2-4 years will witness the greatest diversity parade in this history of conservatism. The proof is in the windows that the GOP truly is the party of tolerance, diversity, acceptance — one giant big tent.

Blacks, Hispanics, Little Brown Ones, Concert Pianists, Asians and Lesbians – all are welcome.  Even the Donald is willing to show America that the GOP isn’t just a party of angry white men, it is also the party of self-hating Blacks, Hispanics, Women, Gays, and Asians.

window dressing
Allen West, Marco Rubio, George P. Bush, Condi, Elaine Chao, Mary Cheney

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0 Responses to Window Dressing

  1. Yes, Let’s Us White Overseers all suck the dicks (or whatever) of the peeps we just spent the last four years pissing on, because winning is so much more important than standing by our stated principles of bigotry and subjugation.



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