Why the GOP will continue being losers

I had forgotten about Cal Thomas. There is no knee-jerk reaction too big for ol’ Cal to jerk-off to.

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0 Responses to Why the GOP will continue being losers

  1. Let’s go back to forgetting about Cal Thomas.


  2. Sweet living fuck, I loathe that moralistic pencil-necked scold.


  3. Dimitrios says:

    A modern first-world government owes its people fair, transparent elections and governance, adequate roads, an effective police force, a responsive fire department, good hospitals and emergency care, a just legal system, a well-trained and equipped military, universal education for the young, a dependable safety-net in times of trouble, and sufficient consumer protection to insure that the goods and services offered its citizens are both safe and as advertised.

    For all of this, the citizens must be prepared to be taxed highly, according to their ability to pay, because only the richest could insure that all these needs are satisfied on their own, but working in concert, everyone’s needs may be met.

    This is the goal of government in all developed countries around the world, except a small segment of America which fosters, AND IS EXPORTING a selfish survival of the fattest view of economy, while idealizing a government which will only hamper attempts to inhibit the rich from acquiring more wealth by any means it sees fit to employ.

    And my last nerve is almost worn through by assholes like Thomas whose debate style is to bluster when it is his turn to speak and interrupt when it is anyone else’s.


  4. another kiwi says:

    Well said Dimitrios. The only thing I would add is that the government owes people those things because we vote for them and those things are what we want. We consider them to be the supporting columns of a well built society.
    The NZ government is one whose members have sucked that selfish survival of the fattest view of economy down into their souls. We are suffering for it.


  5. M. Bouffant says:

    I must disagree w/ the esteemed zrm; that wattle makes Calvin a turkey-necked geekscold.


  6. moeman says:

    Crazy fox dude probably thinks he has nice hair.


  7. A. J. says:

    Sweet Jesus in Topeka, was he ever annoying. Too bad she didn’t back-hand him in the chops with, “Hey! I’m speaking. Don’t interrupt me. Mind your manners.”


  8. Point taken, MB. However, I developed my loathing for Cal back before he had the wattle, and have been mostly successful at ignoring him in the interval. Being unable to look or listen to him for any amount of time, my mental image took over.

    “Hey! I’m speaking. Don’t interrupt me. Mind your manners.”

    One hand up; “you’ll get your turn. I am speaking now.”


  9. loretta says:

    I run into people who have an Obamaphone (which it existed before Obama, btw) who probably never step foot in a polling booth. I’ll bet that lady didn’t even vote.


  10. another kiwi says:

    One hand up; “you’ll get your turn. I am speaking now.”

    How about “Pro-ceed, Cal” ? D’ya think he’d get it.


  11. Bruce388 says:

    Cal’s a Repug dinosaur. Time to go home, wait to die.



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