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If you need help locating your polling place, the Obama Campaign has a nifty web app. Fun Fact: You must vote at the polling place for the location in which you are registered to vote.

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  1. wagonjak says:

    Great graphic design!


  2. grs says:

    I voted.


  3. tommyspoon says:

    Dropped off my ballot last week. I just checked with the Oregon Secretary of State and they received my ballot on Friday, November 2.

    I don’t have a nice “I Voted” sticker. I miss those…


  4. It’s so nice to live in a civilized part of the world. When I get home from work, I will walk across the street to my polling place, greet my neighbors and friends working the polls, and vote. No B.S. involved at all.


  5. another kiwi says:

    Damn you easily suggestible brain! I have an overwhelming desire to vote yet nowhere to vote!


  6. Voted late morning, when the frost had gone and there was nothing left to photograph.

    I live in a little town where we vote at the elementary school. Because I ALWAYS vote, they know me and see me coming, so it’s all polite pleasantries, then a stint in an alcove (no curtain) with a pencil and paper.

    My favorite part is making a ridiculous “gulping” sound when the blue-haired lady cranks my ballot in.

    I love my little town.


  7. TexBetsy says:

    5th grade mock election was great fun. Each 5th grade class represented a different time zone and voted one at a time, then sent the super secret envelope to the office. Being Texas, kids had to show a valid school ID card to get a ballot. The morning announcement kids then got onto the campus interweb TV channel with an assistant principal and reported that class’s popular vote and the awarding of the electors. My class, being the furthest west, was about as irrelevant as Alaska and Hawaii turn out to be, but we were also the only unanimous Obama class. Cutest part? We made little “I voted” stickers for them and “Election Official” stickers for the kids who carried the results to the office.




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