The AP Gives Us the October Surprise in November

KOGELO, Kenya (AP) — At President Barack Obama’s ancestral village in Kenya, witch doctor John Dimo tossed some shells, bones and other items to determine who will win Tuesday’s election.

After throwing the objects like so many dice outside his hut in Kogelo village, Dimo, who says he is 105 years old, points to a white shell and declares: “Obama is very far ahead and is definitely going to win.”

Sweet Baby Jeebus wearing Donald Trump’s toupé, can we get any more dog whistle birtherism in the news today?


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0 Responses to The AP Gives Us the October Surprise in November

  1. RWW says:

    I sure hope the good witchdoctor and the rest of the Village have already mailed in their absentee ballots. Obama needs Kenya’s eleventyleven electoral college votes in order to win since passing that secret Constitutional amendment banning white folks from voting. Lookitup sheeple!


  2. Dimitrios says:

    Then, Queen Ann bit the head off a live chicken, tore out it’s entrails and threw them against the windshield of one of her many Cadillac land yachts, rode it up and down on the elevator several times, and predicted: “That’s going to take Consuelo, the undocumented downstairs maid, hours to clean up.”



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