The Afternoon Quote

“The only difference between the Klan and Planned Parenthood is that Planned Parenthood’s a lot slicker, a lot more polished. They’ve got a very Madison Avenue-type approach to their eugenics, but the goal is the same. The Ku Klux Klan could never have dreamed of having the success that Planned Parenthood’s having, and on top of that getting a million dollars a day in federal tax dollars.”

–Mark Crutcher, white dude of Xristian Xrazie organization Life Dynamics

(One News Now)

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0 Responses to The Afternoon Quote

  1. C Monty Burns says:

    A lot slicker and more polished…You mean like the Susan G. Komen foundation who hired baby w mouth piece Ari ” I had no hand in the outing of a covert federal agent” Fleischer or “I’m witting a book so everyone knows the truth” Karen Handel?

    Kind of like that?

    Dirt bag


  2. Trust Mark Crutcher to know “slicker and more polished” when he sees it – in his greasy little fist.



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