San V, Kira Soltanvoich in Romneggedon!

In this vignette of Romneggedon, the divine comedienne, Miss Kira Soltonavich (we LOVE her work), is playing, San V. Because of San V’s overwhelmingly flawless fertility, Romney surgically implanted several wombs and ovaries, so her wombs would be handled by the US Cabinet to produce the finest and whites Christian soldiers.

In my humble opinion, our lady parts depend on Obama winning the election Tuesday. Romney is dangerous. While Romneggedon seems fantastical and impossible, again, I ask, what if we’re wrong? Is it a risk that we’re willing to take? The man is a zealous religious nut-job with an agenda that is predicated on lies. OY and VEY.

Via the League of Women’s Voters, find out where you go to vote. For the democratic ballot, click here.

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0 Responses to San V, Kira Soltanvoich in Romneggedon!

  1. When you first posted a link to these, I was compelled to go through them all. Now I’m going through them one at a time as they show up here, and they’re even more brilliant on second viewing.

    Thanks for this brilliant work. Everyone should take this comedy seriously, as it’s meant to be taken.


  2. lambchop says:

    I really liked these. I looked through them all too – catch as catch can when my laptop is working. I do like the comedy, it’s a little frightening because right wingnuttia really want to turn back the clocks, to 1955. “A good wife always knows her place.”



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