Puckers, Romneggedon, Extraction Team Leader

Katya Lidsky is an outstanding comedienne, performer and actress. She played, Puckers, an extraction team leader for the Womb Warrior’s Resistance.

I know that the concept of a Romneggedon seems impossible, especially in America. What if we’re wrong? It’s almost 2013, dictators and genocide is very much a reality in the world. Are we so unwavering in confidence that Romney could NEVER turn a democracy that already crosses too many religious boundaries into a singular religious dictatorship?

As a Jew, I was raised to “Never forget” what Hitler and the Nazi’s did. Part of never forgetting is anticipating implausible possibilities, not conspiracy theories, at least not for me.

Sadly, I worry about degrees of a Romneggedon in the hands of Romney.

I’m proudly voting for Obama. I hope that you do, too.

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0 Responses to Puckers, Romneggedon, Extraction Team Leader

  1. Labrys says:

    No worries, this family’s ballots go to the box for Obama TODAY.


  2. I’m going to wait til Tuesday. I want to see if some of the Teapublican Dirty Tricks crew tries to fuck with me when I vote.


  3. Of course, I’m a white guy so I suspect they are saving their hassle for duskier folk.


  4. Tengrain says:

    Love on ya, Katie Schwartz!




  5. Brilliant snarky humor, kudos to all involved!

    I’m a Disenfranchised Progressive who feels like President Obama has been an abysmal sell-out (see the World’s Briefest Post at my place,) but ROMNEY IS FAR WORSE, and NOT an acceptable alternative. I live in a state (Massachusetts) which is so deeply blue that I have the luxury of voting for Jill Stein, who far more closely represents my views and interests, and I urge anyone with a similar Margin of Luxury to do likewise.

    All the rest of you bastards better damned well vote for Obama, no matter how disappointed you are with his performance as POTUS.



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