Peggy Noonan Writes a Blog Post!

Once again, we have our lady of the words Peggington Noonington, official scribe to the Republican Party, offering sound advice to the GOP on what to do about a problem like Willard:

Time for the party to step up. Romney should go out there every day surrounded with the most persuasive, interesting and articulate members of his party, the old ones, and I say this with pain as they’re my age, like Mitch Daniels and Jeb Bush, and the young ones, like Susana Martinez and Chris Christie and Marco Rubio—and even Paul Ryan. I don’t mean one of them should travel with him next Thursday, I mean he should be surrounded by a posse of them every day. Their presence will say, “This isn’t about one man, this is about a whole world of meaning, this is about a conservative political philosophy that can turn things around and make our country better.”

Oh, please do, Wingnuttia: when Willard says to Hell with half the country, I think you can do no greater good than to send out Paul Ryan, the guy who wants to kill Social Security and Medicare, and who wants nothing more than to see America’s grannies out on the curb to be picked up by non-union garbage collectors and hauled away.

But to make things fun, and because it is another crazed debouchery of a piece, guess where Peg wants Willard to go give these speeches:

Wake this election up. Wade into the crowd, wade into the fray, hold a hell of a rally in an American city—don’t they count anymore? …How about downtown Brooklyn, full of new Americans? Guys—make it look like there’s an election going on. Because there is.

Yeah. Get Willard some bromance, and how the hipsters will flock to his mom-jeans. Should make for some fine teevee viewing, Pegs.

The thing that Nooners is missing, and that I think most of the Villagers are missing is that this is larger than Willard’s italian-loafer-in-mouth syndrome. It is not him that the 47% dislikes, it is Republicanism. He is the symptom.

And you guys wonder why in my little pastiches that I have Peggars chugging rum?

(Peggy Noonan’s Blog at the Wall Street Journal)

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0 Responses to Peggy Noonan Writes a Blog Post!

  1. dk says:

    Yeah! Let’s have Mitt wade into a crowd in Bed-Stuy or Watts, stir up some action!

    That’ll be fun.


  2. Now, now, dk, we don’t want to promote lynchings – that’s so, um, Red-State!

    I’m nearly content to let The Nooner (ew!!) imply that Willard isn’t to be trusted with a campaign, let alone a presidency.


  3. Matty Boy says:

    Yes, the Old Ones. No one is more persuasive than B’gnu-Thun, Cthugna, Dythalla, Gloon or Gurathnaka.

    There are many other choices, which you can find here.


  4. nonnie9999 says:

    i have a peggington noonington poster up tonight, and that pic of her is the one i used in the movie poster.