The field mouse gives the finger to the eagle

I’m cracking up… Anyway, it seems that whoever it is that leaked the latest Willard video to David Corn tried to leak it to The Daily Kos first–several weeks ago–and hilarity ensued.

The Kossaks banned the leaker and considered themselves wise for not getting trolled.

And now, of course, Kos blew a gasket and threw a rod because hey, his business model is not unlike Arianna’s and lo! the scoop and the resultant page views went to Mother Jones. And in typical Kos fashion, he won’t name Mother Jones and he then rips his Community a new hole for blowing a scoop.

I’m sure that there is a lesson here, and I think it has to do with the closed-garden nature of the Big Boy Blogs. Anyway, I’m chuckling over his reaction, which he has now retracted because of course, his diarists are his unpaid writers. Cannot kill the goose/golden egg.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Pissed In NYC)

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