2 Brain Cells, one Cupp

The Death of the Media

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A commercial plays first, I have no control over it, nor do I make a penny off of it.

Sweet Jeebus. This isn’t just proudly putting the crazies in the living room for everyone to look at (per Julia Sugarbaker), this is putting them on the TeeVee machine for everyone to laugh at. Let me rephrase: someone thought it was a good idea to put this dippy wing-ding on the boob-tube, and not only does she still have a job, but so does the person who made this dream come true.

This is our free and unfettered media, fellow citizens. Cherish it.

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5 Responses to 2 Brain Cells, one Cupp

  1. Pharmakeus Ubik says:

    I cherish this example of our free and unfettered media the way I would the discovery of a demon-shaped tumor in my brain. Please make it stop.


  2. B8ovin says:

    If you own a business that doesn’t build roads, you didn’t build roads. It’s either logic or…uhm…collectivism? Your company may ship via trucks, your workers may travel to and from work on roads, and thus your business may profit from road building, but you never built roads. Either that makes sense or…Ayn Rand? Collectivism. You keep saying that word, Ms. Cupp but I don’t think you know what an analogy is.


  3. Ben Cisco says:

    Unless MSNBC deliberately put this lobotomy recipient in front of a camera specifically SO that we might mock her, I seriously don’t see the point. Is everyone trying to be Faux-lite now? They’re already fairly useless as a network during the daytime hours, and now this?

    How long? How long? How long must this BS go on? (h/t Richard Pryor)


  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    What? It’s 2003 again? The sands of the media desert creep, creep forward. Or is it creeps, creeps?


  5. MDavis says:

    Isn’t the ‘someone helped’ message something already pointed out by E. Warren?
    Also, “ahn je nu ity”? It is Ingenuity (starts with short I); “ahn juh nue” is “an innocent girl or young woman”, usually in context of theatre.

    Also, too, do SE’s panel mates despise her or what? the clip ends with them all calling her out for bad logic/debate.


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