More, please

This is exactly the sort of ads that Dims should be running: no charts, no freaking numbers. This ad tells a story and it uses multiple senses. This is an ad you will remember.

One of the best things about it is the eerie silence while Willard sings off key. That they change the audio slightly so that he is singing over the PA in an empty parking lot, over a speaker phone in an empty conference room, and so on, is brilliant. It feels like he just fired them all and is singing at all the empty properties and shuttered factories. Willard’s America the Beautiful is empty, unemployed, and desolate.

The tagline is clean and simple: Romney is not the solution, he is the problem is memorable.

This is the muscular sort of ad that the Dims need to keep pounding Willard with. The Wingnuts do these sorts of ads better than we do, but this one is absolutely spot-on. It is the ad we will remember when this is all over.

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7 Responses to More, please

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Haunting and brilliant.

    But do we ever learn from our past mistakes,

    or must we once again choose the lesser of two con-jobs/evils?


    • Tengrain says:

      Mr. Burns –

      It is always our delima, isn’t it?

      I keep reminding myself that it is about the Supreme Court nominees that are likely to happen in the next four years.




  2. eileen says:

    I saw this ad this morning online, of course, not on the telly which is where it needs to be. There is a difference between the two candidates and the outcome will be consequential in the worst possible ways for ordinary people if Rmoney wins.


  3. Bruce388 says:



  4. Ben Cisco says:

    Loved this one too! I posted it at my site, and I hope it’s just one in a long-running series.


  5. dk says:

    Yesss. Got em on the run. 🙂 🙂

    When they start squealing like stuck pigs you know you’re doin’ it right (i.e., the way the repugs do it themselves).

    Tax returns = birth certificate. Don’t ever stop hammering it.
    Outsourcer-in-chief is the emotional sound-bite.

    Catapult the propaganda*, boys – that’s it.

    *(with the added (and very NON-repug) advantage of being true.)

    “Felony? What felony? – How dare you even say that? Apologize! Don’t you know by now that words and laws only mean something if you’re poor?…. Something something – poof! I didn’t say that, I didn’t sign that, no I never; my lawyer says no crime, see? Didn’t you learn anything in the bushie years?….”


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