The success story of the Eurozone economy continues:

IRISH PEOPLE’S finances are continuing to deteriorate with the number who say they have less than €25 to spend each week once all essential bills have been paid increasing sharply over the last three months, according to research published by the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU). What’s Left tracker survey of the year found that 1.82 million adults say they have less than €100 a month to spend after bills are paid. This compares with a figure of 1.64 million it recorded in April.

Simple math from a simpleton: that means at best the Irish are trying to stimulate what’s left of their economy on 25 euros a week, which ain’t gonna happen. But on the upside, aren’t those potatoes great?

But I suppose I’m whistling past the graveyard: this is what Wingnuttia wants to do here, too.

(Thers writing at Escahton, citing The Irish Times)

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2 Responses to Austerity!

  1. RWW says:

    Austerity for the little people. The rich need more tax cuts.


  2. PissedinNYC says:

    Well RWW, something needs cutting.


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