Pub Alone!

Life imitating bad ’80s movie? Yes.

HORRIFIED [UK Prime Minister] David Cameron got home from a Sunday lunch with family and friends — and discovered he had left his eight-year-old daughter in the pub.

No mention how little Nancy defeated a gang of burglers.

(The Sun)

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4 Responses to Pub Alone!

  1. axel grease says:

    who can drink warm beer even at age 8?


  2. JohnnyB says:

    The bad part is that Nancy was the designated driver


  3. Dimitrios says:

    And if Nancy ever sees the photograph of her published in the Sun, she’ll be twice as traumatized as she was by being left behind.

    (Instead of pixilizing her face, why not just omit publishing any photograph of the kids — or would that be too subtle.)


  4. KrazyKid says:

    Hah! I misread it at first and,(always expecting the worst) thought it said “left her in the tub” not “pub” and was imagining some sick mix of “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “Fatal Attraction”

    I gotta get away for a while…


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