RIP Duck Dunn

Duck Dunn is probably best known as the bassist from Booker T and the MGs (and was also in the Blues Brothers back-up band – just listen to the bass), which was one of the early pioneers of Memphis Soul Sound and an early adopter and believer in integration in all things, including music.

It’s not just that he was a gifted musician, he was a good person. He will be missed. Play the vid for some groovey tunes.

(NYTimes via our friend and Scissorhead Big Bald Bastard)

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4 Responses to RIP Duck Dunn

  1. elchivo says:

    Jammed on this with one of the bands I play with tonight.


  2. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    If you’ve ever been in a band with a “lead bass player” you can really appreciate just how perfect Duck’s bass parts are. He was my gold standard when auditioning bassists.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    It’s too bad I didn’t spend as much time studying as I did listening to my Booker T. album “Hip Hug Her.” Just about wore out the grooves. Kickass bass.


  4. Awesome line-up there. I looked for a date on that clip and couldn’t find one (the bassist on the recording is Lewie Steinberg, so this version must have been recorded later.)

    What an amazing power quartet, Jones and Cropper, Dunn and Jackson. Duck will be missed but remembered!


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