3 Years Ago In MPS

…and nothing much has changed:

Well, we are about 5 months into the new presidency, we are still fighting two of Chimpy’s wars, the rich are getting bailed out while the working stiffs are getting stiffed, gays & lesbians are thrown under the bus by that fierce advocate, single-payer healthcare is officially off the table, there is no movement at all to investigate — let alone prosecute — any of Chimpy and Companies’ war crimes, our phones are still being tapped, torture is being defended, Gitmo most likely will not be shut down, and women are being terrorized into forced pregnancies by Xristian Xrazies with guns. Right wing domestic terror is taking hold of the country, but no one in charge is willing to call it that. It might upset the Malkkkins of the world.

…and in that post I concluded:

I’ve said it here before, and I will say it again now: This is Ronnie Reagan’s eighth term. Nothing has changed. Nothing.

But here’s the kicker: The Carebear will be a one-term president, and the next one will be a GOPer with a familliar name: JEB BUSH. You read it here first.

Ok, I’m not sure I got all of that right, but I’m willing to take my lumps on the Jeb Bush part. So why am I bringing this post from 2009 up again now? Because as I am often accused of plaigerising Charlie Pierce both here and at Watertiger’s joint (just because he is famous doesn’t mean he said it first), I want to note for the record that MPS was saying back in 2009 that Obama was choking by hippy punching and ignoring his base. Pierce now agrees.

Anyway, it is a great post (Charlie’s, and, well, mine isn’t bad), and his conclusion is that it is too late now to try to try to show that you are willing to fight for us; that was my conclusion 3 years ago.

(Mock, Paper, Scissors)

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10 Responses to 3 Years Ago In MPS

  1. I’m willing to bet that whatever happens, the next Presidential term will be Reagan’s 9th.

    FWIW, I read that Pierce post yesterday, and I feel that he is still being overly kind to President Drone Strike.

    There was too much conciliation, too much presumed good faith, a continuation of the haughty disdain for what raw, bloody partisan politics can achieve that we saw in the last campaign.

    I see it as Obama doing what his biggest $$$ backers, aka Wall Street, paid him to do.

    The Wall Street plan for the Obama-bubble presidency is that of the cleanup crew for the housing bubble: sweep all the corruption and losses, would-be indictments, perp walks and prosecutions under the rug and get on with an unprecedented taxpayer bailout of Wall Street.

    Note that when there was something Obama wanted to do, like regime change in Libya, he just went ahead and did it, no matter what Congress said. Or going after whistle-blowers with espionage prosecutions, irregardless of his promises for ‘open government’.

    It’s only when it comes to things his voter base wanted (but the big money boys did not), like a public health insurance option, or relief from bankster foreclosures, that political opposition became insurmountable.

    I under no illusion that Rmoney would be any better, in fact there’s a good chance the space Reptiloid will be worse. That’s the bad cop’s job in the game of good cop, bad cop, after all.

    But I can’t vote for a guy who blows up little kids for corporate profits and approval from the Beltway gasbags.

    Jill Stein for President.


    • Tengrain says:


      I’m not advocating to anyone to vote in a certain direction; I do think everyone needs to vote (except Mike, of course), and that includes voting third party, write-in votes (including NONE OF THE ABOVE).

      The system stops working when good, well-meaning people stop participating.

      (Mike to start haranguing me in 3… 2… )




  2. axel grease says:

    no matter who wins, whenever they win (2012, 2016 etc) it will be the xth term of Ronald Reagan – or maybe rather President Exxonmorgangoldmanlockheed. None of the election stuff matters – it is all window dressing for which corporation or which robber baron gets to have his turn in the rotation.

    yes we have to vote – and as always vote for the least damaging prick.

    while the carebear has been at best – disappointing, sadly the choice AGAIN is someone that is even worse. i am not advocating or encouraging votes for Obama (where is the bull moose party?) – but unless the people of this country are willing to actually do something about the endemic structure of corruption and lies that filters out of all three branches of the government (or rather cash register to the rich) – it will continue to spiral down to total meeting of matter and anti-matter in the warp reactor.


  3. eileen says:

    You are absolutely right about Reagan’s eighth term. Amazing, how things just continue to get worse and the Dems are right there – DNC chair supporting private prisons (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZbRUxaJOD4), via bravenewfoundation. And we will wish that Jeb Bush was the nominee instead of Willard.


  4. So, nothing’s changed, huh?

    No biggie, just hold your noses when you vote.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


  5. jo6pac says:

    Thunder I agree I’ll be voting Green from now until I die, it has to start somewhere. Here’s a little reading for everyone and should be required for obots. Greed is his bottom line alway has been and I agree with just long run for the dead ronnie-ray-gunn and uncle milton friedman


    Then click on Fitch on Obama amazing investigative reporting.


  6. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    “but I’m willing to take my lumps on the Jeb Bush part.”

    Don’t get lumpy yet TG, the convention of the pig people hasn’t happened yet and old Jebby could get shoe horned in. I know this sounds a little crazy but look at what these mutants have become over the last few years.


  7. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Well Duh.

    Surprise surprise, he’s a politician.

    IMHO the ultimate insult with the Hope and Change false-face was not the DNC choosing the cash cow over the pragmatic and the politico who had more votes, it was the nod for Biden as vp.

    Even with the nudge-nudge wink-wink to Wall street with his choice, it was turning over the housing mess or as he condescendingly termed it ‘The Middle-Class Task Force’ to a man who IMHO helped create it. A democrat who, while his son was a lobbyist for the banking cabal, co-sponsored and helped author the 2005 personal bankruptcy ‘protection’ act.

    There was no chance a politician with his ego would admit something he helped create was faulty and only beneficial to his business/banking/Wall street masters. Again IMHO this is where any possibility to help homeowners in this country died.

    The rewritten laws state that judges cannot reduce interest rates on primary residences (although you can on 2nd or 3rd homes or income property-and who are the only one’s who have that much?). You cannot walk away from debts like pre-2005, including unsecured debts. Banks have the right to presume you will be late and charge late fees/legal fees and whatever else a mad diseased imagination can create. Here in IL an escrow account equal to the difference between what you own on your mortgage and what the assessed value is can be imposed. If you can’t, your in default of your loan and Ood help you.

    The only option is to walk away. So a financial institution and the politicians who whore themselves to their masters don’t feel the effect of your community being hurt, your family emotionally harmed and sense of self worth destroyed.

    But I’m not bitter.

    Hope and Change.

    Who give’s a fuck.


  8. What makes Obama worse than W–and I mean it–is this: he promised people change, he told them it was good to hope. Young people were enthused, people who never voted registered. Many of them aren’t going to bother this time around. He fucked with their dreams. Fuck him. At least W made it clear he was a bastard. That said, I’m voting third party again, probably Jill Stein and the Greens. If enough of us did it, those monsters might notice.


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