Worlds Worst Journalist is Worlds Best Scold

Death of the Media

Jeebus, Wolf, I’m embarassed for you.

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6 Responses to Worlds Worst Journalist is Worlds Best Scold

  1. I’m waiting for CNN’s apology.

    Wolf is a moron.


  2. One more reason I wouldn’t lift a finger for the Donkeycrats — every time they blurt out the straight, raw truth about something, they end up rolling over, cowering and apologizing for it in the face of opposition bullying.

    What a bunch of pussies.


  3. Ted says:

    I gotta agree with Mike. What Rosen said, and who she said it about, is fair. There is a difference between someone raising a family on a limited, fixed income, and someone raising a family in wealth. No apology was necessary, but they did it anyway. Why don’t the Dems just concede the election now? If they can’t take responsibility for a statement that is essentially true, while those fuckers lie about everything and anything, then I have ZERO respect and going to spend the rest of my life under my bed. Why not? It is the “democratic” way.
    And my pen ran out of ink. GODDAMMIT.


  4. tommyspoon says:

    Hey now! Mike and I actually agree on something! Will wonders never cease… 😉



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