Blog Against Theocracy: Sects and the Single Girl


It has come to our attention that spring is nearly upon us – the skies, the flowers, the fundamentalists trying to ban sex.

All across the country, as the weather improves, the Fundies start popping up with their picket signs in front of those few, remaining, un-firebombed family planning clinics in the lucky 13% of all US counties wherein women can still legally receive reproductive services. The women in the other 87% of all US counties are screwed, so to speak.

(Yes, you read that right: although abortion is legal in the US, it is not available. For the most part, abortion is illegal in the US and it is getting more so. And of course, this means that there is a huge violation of the First Amendment, but I’m getting ahead of myself… back to sex.)


The Fundies believe that these wanton women know too much about sex, you see, and if you can ban the knowledge of where babies come from, the country will suffer fewer abortions and unwanted babies. If women know too much about sex, then they are more likely to act upon their impure and animalistic instincts. It is these scarlet women (and it is always the women) that are leading the innocent (and yet oddly bestial) men into this carnal knowledge, probably against the poor mens’ will.

The Fundies, of course, are confusing cause with effect.


Babies are not conceived by knowledge, they are conceived by sex. Babies can be prevented by knowledge, but they cannot be prevented with ignorance.

To compound the problem of sexual ignorance (and if there is one thing that the Fundies excel in, it is making a problem worse), these fallen women are having babies out of wedlock, the little bastards. So to compound the compounded problem, the fundies are working to make it legal for doctors to lie to their patients about the health of the fetus, force the women to listen to what may or may not be a hearbeat and watch a home video via a slut-shaming process to vile for words.

So how is this ban on sex actually happening? Look to your local school district. Chances are that at least one fundamentalist Christian is on the board of education and is tinkering with Health Science curriculum. Just like the “Intelligent Design” issue (“Creationism with Lab Coats”), the Fundies are promoting abstinence over sex education.

Oh, and go to your local chain pharmacy and take note of where the condoms are located: inside a locked cabinet. You can usually spot it because there are some staring-at-the-floor teenage boys hanging around, with a sort of Summer of ’42 assortment of odds and ends in their shopping baskets. Now bear in mind that these are the boys that are trying to be responsible, and they are being shamed too. Ask the store manager why they are punishing the good kids. I dare you.

The First Amendment (discussed more and more frequently in this category here at MPS and elsewhere) states very clearly that the state cannot establish a religion nor can it promote a belief. You get to believe whatever you want, and no one can tell you otherwise.

So here is the snowball turning into an avalanche: abstinence-only sex education is an attempt to enforce a belief, and indirectly establish a religion (your tax dollars at work to keep women barefoot and pregnant). Banning abortion is an attempt to enforce a religious belief, as is keeping the rubbers out of the hands of boys. All of this is an attempt to establish an orthodoxy based upon a religious belief.


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  1. sjelly says:

    This is very good. Thanks.



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