Rick Perry, Singing Fool

Notable theocrat dimwit secessionist Rick Perry can add another achievement to his resume: singing (fool? yes):

A bad back doomed any chance Perry stood to break through. It became an open secret that he was using painkillers in sufficient dosages to keep him standing through the two-hour debates. The manager of a rival campaign was at a urinal in an empty bathroom in Hanover, New Hampshire, before the Bloomberg News debate on October 11, when he heard someone come through the door loudly singing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” Wondering who was making all the noise, the campaign manager turned his head and saw, to his surprise, the governor of Texas. Perry came down the row of about twenty urinals and stood companionably close by. Nonplussed, the campaign manager made a hasty exit; as the bathroom door closed, he could hear Perry still merrily singing away: “I-I-I’ve been working on the ra-a-i-i-l-road, all-l-l the live-long day . . .”

Asked about the episode, a top campaign official said, “He whistles. I wouldn’t read anything into it.”

My pappy warned me about happy strangers in the men’s room… but that aside, it is much more likely he was singing “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You” (same melody), but might be more, um, likely given Rick’s whispered reputation.


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6 Responses to Rick Perry, Singing Fool

  1. I hope they didn’t cross the streams…


  2. It should surprise no one that the Promising Texas Governor was hopped up on goofballs.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Any rumors about a wide stance?


  4. SkinnyDennis says:

    Whistles when he whizzes? Best see his urologist!


  5. axel grease says:

    i bet i know what railroad he was working on


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