Another Miracle!

I think you need to know that God/Jeebus/The Bird/The B.V.M love Scissorheads most of all.

Here’s my proof: Catholic Church in Ireland investigating gay porn slideshow

The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has said it is investigating how a priest offering a presentation to parents on their children’s upcoming confessions instead ended up showing them a computer slideshow of gay porn…

The priest, the Rev Martin McVeigh, “has stated that he had no knowledge of the offending imagery” and is helping an internal church investigation.

McVeigh said other church officials used the memory stick and he wanted an investigation “so that what happened can be legitimately explained”.

“I don’t know how it happened but I know what happened,” McVeigh said.

Another Miracle!

Oh, and I nominate “I don’t know how it happened but I know what happened.” in the quote of the year contest.

(Hat tip: The Guardian UK via Scissorhead Pissed In NYC

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7 Responses to Another Miracle!

  1. Another Kiwi says:

    President Santorum could not explain the sudden and dramatic filling of his trousers at his meeting with Number One Soulman Achmadinejad. “I don’t know what it happened but I do know who” he said. It is believed that the president was referring to a quote by the current Pope.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    Could the gay porn have anything to do with the children’s upcoming confessions?


  3. I particularly appreciated the fact that he came back out to hit the children up for donations to the Church. That’s classy, that is.


  4. zombie rotten mcdonald: That was my favorite part too. Telling the parents that the kids should give some of their first communion cash to the church. But then I realized, porn ain’t free, and then it all made sense.


  5. Of course, Ten…no wi-fi in the cave. Can’t watch porn online without a good wi-fi connection.


  6. Brian O'C says:

    Hey…If it was kawaii porn…then I’m sure it would have OK for the kids…



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