Sweet Jeebus – Another quote!

“What is the event that the administration and General Allen, you sir, are going to be candid with the United States Congress and more important than the Congress, the American people as we spend $10 billion a month that we can’t pay for, the Chinese, Uncle Chang, is lending us the money we are spending in Afghanistan.”

— Rep. Walter Jones (R – NC)

We are having an embarassment of riches, Scissorheads. It must be a full-moon, or perhaps the solar flares from last week are finally having an impact on the lunatics.


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6 Responses to Sweet Jeebus – Another quote!

  1. What’s this, the Chinese are selling us the rope with which we are hanging ourselves?

    Shocked, I am.

    P.S. Someone ask ol’ Walter why he didn’t say something when Bush and Cheney forgot about Afghanistan a couple months after they invaded it.


  2. Reamus says:

    WTF Walter, where have you been/ Uncle Chang…really…how politically correct of you…


  3. Deborah says:

    That’s award-winning word salad, but Walter has jumped ranks a few times, from wingnutty to rational. Maybe he was trying to do that, here? Hard to tell, isn’t it?


  4. Axel Grease says:

    i am surprised he did comment about Uncle Chang’s driving

    is it a requirement that you be a bigot if you are a Republican
    dont answer that – i know


  5. The Reicht’s legacy shall be written in douche for all the world to see.

    Raise your ‘bags on high, you dumbfucks!


  6. Me lend you long time.



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