The Lady Doth Protest Too Mucheth

Lady Peggington Noonington of the Brooklynshire Nooningtons is aghast and appalled that slug-like vermin leader of her political party (“the party of Ronald Wilson Reagan, the greatest president of the last half of the last century, maybe the greatest president ever”) would deign to talk about lady parts and call ladies sluts, whores, and demand online videos of her gentle ablutions.

“Verily, thou art piggish, uncouth Sir Limbaugh! You should have called thine womyn a wanton strumpet. To a nunnery! Get thee hence!”

Noonan then finished her pitcher of Mai Tai and sang a sea chanty. The end.


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11 Responses to The Lady Doth Protest Too Mucheth

  1. Randall says:

    So in denouncing Rush as being “piggish” Peggy propagates the LIE that Obamacare infringes on religious freedom.
    It doesn’t.
    She knows it.

    She’s lying.

    that’s what Republicans do.


  2. Warren Kearney says:

    It’s important to remember as the republicans try to walk this back, that yes Rush is voice of the Republican party. It’s a nasty voice, but it is the one that represents them. Oh well back to the Viagra….. he won’t care about any of this. It’s just a way to make a large amount of money before they all catch on.


  3. the party of Ronald Wilson Reagan, 6-6-6



  4. Perdurabo says:

    Ronald Wilson Reagan (re-arrange the letters) = Insane Anglo Warlord. Try it!! It even works after 4 Martinis!!!


  5. Boobies boobies boobies


  6. Dimitrios says:

    It calls for some fancy stepping when you are trying not to step all over the ancillary defects in the Republican position while rapidly walking away from Limbaugh’s headlong rush over the Cliffs of Insanity.

    Perhaps Miss Peggy should have build up a tolerance to Iocaine powder instead of Mai Tais.


  7. moeman says:

    What’s with the oinkish face gestures.


  8. Reamus says:

    She sounded drunk…again. God she is truly a pompous old witch…


  9. Bruce388 says:

    What?? There’s no Repug war on women? Jamming medical instruments in their vaginas isn’t war?


  10. Dimitrios says:

    Wait a minute! That is a English saddle, isn’t it?


  11. Brian O'C says:

    No it’s Western. There’s a reason why you can’t see the pommell. In my day true harlots rode bareback anyway.


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