Goodbye, Goodhair!

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6 Responses to Goodbye, Goodhair!

  1. Dimitrios says:

    Rick Perry has just begun to fight … but enough about candidate’s wives.

    Thanks, Ten, I missed Governor Goodhair’s reference to America serving in Cromwell’s Army.


  2. Yes, “Adios, MoFo!”

    “The sixteenth century,” bwwAAAAAAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

    The Republicans can now trade in their little Clown Car for a comfy four-seater. Perhaps an Edsel?


  3. BTW, that was beeyootiful, ten… 😉


  4. There’s a surprise. So, what’s his consolation prize? Fox show? Can’t be a position in a think tank, because he makes W look like a fucking scholar.


  5. You know, I first heard “Perry’s out,” as “Perry’s OUTED.” Dang, I was wrong. Both phrases are good news if you ask me. Now that he is out, he may never get outed. Pity.


  6. axel grease says:

    if fox doesnt want him – maybe some skin cream company
    and i thought it was great that marianne gingrich was bigger news than Miss Ricky dropping out


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