Get this man a gallery show

The Cunning Runt needs an agent and a show. Here’s your chance to make a fortune representing him.

(Little Bang Theory)

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  1. The moon has been pretty all weekend.

    Now get ready for the Higgs boson…or not.


  2. Lsamsa says:



  3. tina says:

    I found this website: – featuring a photo of the day. You can submit photos for selection – I think you would have a lot. I’m remembering ice on an apple from about a month ago. Just a suggestion…


  4. knowdoubt says:

    Mr. Runt, That was awesome, I so want to be able to do that.


  5. Deborah says:

    He *never* disappoints, does he? (*Very* lovely, CR!)


  6. Axel Grease says:

    ansel adams – move over


  7. 4K says:

    this place will turn photos into limited edition prints. My oldest brother was a tropical fish photographer. I took his first cover photo and had it made into limited prints and gave the first ones to our dad and his widow and sons (both were given #1 certificate one red ink and one black) The one for me was done on canvas and stretched. It looks really nice.


  8. All, thank you. I spend endless hours trying, and when I succeed in your eyes it’s all worth it.

    Tengrain, my good (and discerning!) man, your consistent support has me splurging on prints, frames and quality glass, and with a little luck I’ll be shopping shows around this Spring. Thank you more than words can say for your

    encouragement. 😉


  9. BTW, I’m appalled that I missed your shout-out on Nov. 11 – I used to have a thing on my “dashboard” which alerted me to incoming links, but WordPress keeps “improving” their service in ways which set me back. Not that I need Luddite Lessons, but geeez!

    Thanks, albeit far too late. 😦


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