Great Expectations

Ah, the days of whine and roses has started again, and another campaign season kicks off. We note with some mild interest that just like the swallows returning to Capistrano, President Carebear has returned to the campaign trail, full of unicorns and rainbows.

Yes, I’m glad to see him engaging again, and yes, few people have the ability to give such soaring speeches, but after another nearly 3 years of government by the corporations and for the corporations while more and more Americans are living in poverty and literally under bridges than at any time since the Great Depression, words are not enough.

(Can someone please hold a mirror up to Eric Holder’s nose and see if he is breathing? Why is it that no one has been indicted yet for the collapse of 2008? Isn’t this really what Occupy Wall Street wants?)

As the late and lamented Molly Ivin used to say (paraphrasing of course), don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do. This being shorthand for politicians are a bunch of lying ass-weasels. HR professionals tell us that the best indicator for future behavior is past performance, so look at the record. Obama’s record is hardly one of success.

Of course every president runs into the opposition party (except Chimpy. The Dims rolled over every time for him), so no one expects everything to go swell. But what did he do about it? Where was the use of the so-called bully pulpit to take on the forces of darkness?

Well, there was Robert Gibbs, hippie punching.

No, this has not been an inspiring presidency, and all things considered, I think it is safe to say that the Dims nominated the wrong person (not that I think Hillary would have been much better).

This is not to say that I think everyone should run away come voting day, or Gawd forbid vote for one of the GOP circus freaks.

One of the lessons I learned along the way was that the Primary is about voting for your aspirations, but the General Election is about accountability. If you want to register your dislike or disapproval for the job Obama (isn’t) doing, change your registration to a third party or to Independent (it will scare the hell out of the DNC), and vote in the primary for a candidate you believe in (after examining their record). It’s very positive and affirming. And because Obama is running unopposed, it gives you a chance to express yourself without putting Willard or Newticles in the White House.

Just do it – changing your registration will absolutely freak them out.

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16 Responses to Great Expectations

  1. Tengrain, did you read this today?

    (It says what you just said, albeit with more words.)


    • Tengrain says:

      Thunder –

      Thanks for the link – and no, I had not read that yet. It’s all pretty fascinating, no? I have no faith in Obama seeking justice for the banksters (or the war profiteers, let alone the war criminals), absolutely none. This puts us all in the unenviable position of choosing between a weak, do-nothing, wholly-owned president or having yet another GOPer who wants to burn down the house.




  2. Some Techie says:

    The representative form of government in this country is dead.

    Continuing to vote is merely visiting the grave.


  3. Unfortunately, Wisconsin doesn’t have party-affiliated registration.


  4. motocat says:

    Molly Ivins used to say that, too, to vote your heart in primaries,
    but be practical for the big election.

    Eric Holder is busy closing down legal marijuana users. The evil weed
    is top priority.


  5. You really want to make the DNC piss themselves? Don’t vote. Don’t validate the rule of oligarchs and warmongers by participating in a meaningless ritual in which all the important decisions have already been made by financial elites, party honchos, and the media. Stop wasting time and energy on useless gestures in a process whose outcome is predetermined, and spend that time and energy instead on building processes and institutions run by and answerable to the People, functioning outside Establishment institutions and making them irrelevant. When some Democratic Party minions come to your door canvassing, tell them you’re not voting — and why… and watch the puddle spreading beneath their feet.

    Really, TG; I love ya’ man, but you really need to let go and cut loose from this pointless exercise of voting in “elections” and fretting over the outcome… especially because I can tell you right now who’s going to win: a fucking politician, that’s who. A politician will win, and the People will lose.

    Y’know that old joke, about how if voting could change things, it would be illegal? Well, it’s not a goddamn’ joke any more.

    Now, with that said… I think that not only is Eric Holder not breathing, but he exists only as a life-size cardboard cut-out propped up in a chair behind the desk in the AG’s office.


    • Tengrain says:

      Mike –

      I could not disagree with you more about not voting. I will never tell anyone how to vote, or who to vote for, but I demand that everyone votes.



      PS – that’s a great line about Eric Holder as a life-sized cut out propped up in the office.


  6. moeman says:

    Obama needs a big fucking spliff.


  7. Oh, and while we’re still on the subject of Eric Holder, just one last thing:

    Tengrain was here!


  8. Tengrain sez:
    This puts us all in the unenviable position of choosing between a weak, do-nothing, wholly-owned president or having yet another GOPer who wants to burn down the house…

    And the difference is…?

    Really, man… just as long as the muthafucka burns.


  9. Mike,
    the problem with not voting at all is that it makes you invisible. If you protest vote for someone, you still exist as far as the parties are concerned.


  10. WTF? How in the hell does not participating in an empty corporate-sponsored ritual make me invisible?

    My thirty-odd years’ involvement in anti-war, anti-nuke, pro-liberty and pro-justice media activism — including the time since I bailed out on the phony “election” ritual — makes me real goddamn’ “visible”.

    By participating in the US “election” ritual, you agree to the legitimacy of the current state. You give your consent to being ruled by oligarchs, warmongers and fascists. You limit the choices you have in how to live and shape your future.

    Take a look at how many reasons we have to not vote:
    > The Demopublicans fucking around with the voting process — the GOP by ham-handed minority/immigrant vote suppression tactics that defy parody, and the Democrats use of lesser-evil FUD, public ridicule of dissenters and lawsuits to keep Left third parties off the ballot to suppress and corral the Left vote.
    > The skanky voting machines. This has been going on at least since ’04. Diebold still refuses to release the source code for their machines for independent review.
    > Demand for identification at polling stations, resulting in thousands of elderly being disenfranchised owing to their often being so old that their original birth records are either lost or destroyed.
    > The House and Senate want to throw me in prison for posting a video clip of my granddaughter dancing to an old Talking Heads record on YouTube.
    > The House and Senate want to give the military the right to snatch me, imprison me and detain me indefinitely on suspicion of “terrorism” (i.e. whatever the hell they want to snatch me for)

    Is this the system you want to consent to and legitimize with your vote?


    • Tengrain says:

      Mike –

      I get that you think it is a principled stand to take. But “They Vote” (you can decide who the worst “they” is), and until your revolution happens (if ever, and I’m guessing not likely to be anytime soon), “they” will continue to vote. And I hate being melodramatic, but people died to give us the right to vote. Just think of what voting means in other parts of the world (and here, too), and you want to tell them don’t bother? By my way of looking at the world, when you give up, apathy wins. You become the problem, Sparky.

      OK, so I’m not exactly happy with our choices, either. But for fuck’s sake, instead of pitching the whole goddamn thing, work to elect people you believe in. You say that they are all bullshit artists, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Sweet Jeebus, you have art skills pouring out your ass and as sharp a mind as anyone (sharper than most): use your talent, recruit people who think the way you do and get them into office, any office. Build up a back bench of talent, start local and promote them.

      Not good enough? Then run yourself. But in the meanwhile, don’t come bitching to me that the everything is fucked, because you know what? By not voting, you fucked it up.

      Again, it is only my opinion–so it could be wrong–is that by NOT voting you are enabling the “them”. And for whatever it is worth, change only happens when you vote. Otherwise you are being passive and you are letting the people you despise win.



      Ps – I still love ya, man. We just don’t see this one eye-to-eye.


  11. I’m sorry, Mike, but I think you’re wrong, DEAD WRONG. The corporatocracy which now has the right of Personhood is counting on us to be discouraged and to Not Vote in “protest” of the current state of things.

    In which case, the 1% (who will vote, because they have everything on the line,) win.


    Be a doormat, be defeated, sit it out. You’ll get exactly what you detest, and exactly what you deserve for not being in the fight when the chips are down.

    I have kids who deserve to inherit a world better than the one I’m looking at right now, and I’m dedicated to changing things for the better. But that isn’t going to happen by sitting on the sidelines and watching the FFR eat my children’s lunch.

    I regularly send Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren checks, despite the reality of having to decide between food and heat as I’m looking at a looming lay-off. THAT’S how I’m fighting back – not by throwing a hissy fit because things aren’t going the way God and I want them to go.

    Corporations and their Brown-shirts want me to wither and die, but I’m not going to. And I’m inviting everyone who reads this to grab hold and start pulling for all you’re worth.


  12. HarpoSnarx says:

    To me, it seemed to be 2003 again. But whaddya know? Joey Baloney pepper sprayed those four 90-pound women. And it went snap!

    I think Barry Obama and his sniveling presidency is an utter disgrace. That said a Gooper president is STILL unthinkable and untenable.

    I have hope again. Not in those weasel Dims, but in the Occupy movement. That is the greatest surprise in between the cave-ins, capitulations and base punches, and those incessant batshit Goopers. Oh and let’s not forget Whore Media.

    No doubt the forces of domestic darkness are stacked heavily against the Best Country Ever. If we don’t stand up, it’s truly gone. Not in my lifetime.

    Look at these fucks, they’re fifth rate grifters. They’ve gotten this far because very few have stood up to them. It will take a bit but the Occupy movement will sweep the branches of government.

    I think the sleeping giant is awakening. Thank God.


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