Bad Ads, cont.

Karate Lessons

I concur with this ad: Little Dude is going to need to tone up his gams to wear Mooselini’s Naughty Monkey shoes.

(Not sure who to Hat tip — this one slipped through unmarked. Take a bow in the comments.)

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7 Responses to Bad Ads, cont.

  1. I had a pair like that, only smaller and black, and my daughter stole ’em back!

    Friggin’ kids these days…


  2. OMG – rick perry as a kid!


  3. grs says:

    For wearing a nerd shirt like that? Shit yeah that kid will need karate lessons.


  4. dcmartin says:

    Nothing wrong with the shirt OR the heels.
    It’s that damn Bieber cut that’s gonna get his ass kicked.


  5. Bruce388 says:

    Jerry Sandusky’s dream date.


  6. potential Bad Ad spotted/linked at Sadly, no:

    Tengrain was here!


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