Serves me right


You know, I was just getting myself worked-up into a self-righteous lather over the WaPo’s stupid analysis of the Gloom and Doom debate that focused on Michele Bachmann’s French-tipped manicure (and I still wonder why they don’t analyze the manicures of the men), when I saw another article about One-L serving water to her male counterparts.

I give up.

(WaPo for the manicure, PolitickerNY for the water)

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12 Responses to Serves me right

  1. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    Ah yes Tengrain, a bad case of Wack job overload, I know it well.


  2. Some Techie says:

    After reading the story at the PolitickerNY link, I’m wondering if this was simply MB’s way of sucking up toseeking approval from the sponsoring evangelical groups. Sad, sad woman.


  3. “I’m just a girl and my job is to serve men,” Michelle later explained.


  4. You keep speeling ‘The War Criminal Post‘ rong, TG.

    Tsk, tsk!


  5. I think she might be well qualified to fill the glasses of actual aspirants in a debate of presidential candidates. She’s comely and gregarious and really has nothing of substance to add to the conversation, so a cameo seems more reasonable than a speaking roll.
    And please don’t misconstrue this to be an endorsement of any of those losers she’s “serving.” My money says she spit in it.


  6. Suzan says:

    I can only wonder about how many votes she picked up by serving them.



  7. Brian O'C says:

    “What I thought was H 2 O, was H 2 S O 4.”


  8. RobGinChicago says:



  9. She’s not wearing NEARLY enough flair.


  10. motocat says:

    “Hi, I’m Michele–fly me.”


  11. Dimitrios says:

    They all carry water for numerous dingbat causes, but none of them — Bachmann included. Hell! Bachmann especially — serve either the water, or their would-be dingbat constituents with any élan.



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