Congress is as popular as…

…a fart in church:

Nixon during Watergate was more popular than Paris Hilton who is more popular that Congress? That sounds about right. Maybe if Weepy had a viral video of him blowing someone…


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7 Responses to Congress is as popular as…

  1. Dimitrios says:

    Not only less popular, but I often feel congress must be even dumber than Paris Hilton, too.


  2. too bad they’ve learned they don’t have to give a shit about polls.


  3. I recently learned that the American people’s current opinion of Congress is somewhere south of the American people’s opinion of the Crown prior to the Revolution.

    So, what ought we to do about that?


  4. JohnnyB says:

    Why all the hatin’ on Castro?


  5. Maybe if stogies didn’t smell like shit, Fidel would be up there with those yokels.


  6. Even Charles Manson got 10%.


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