World’s Worst Writer® Writes World’s Worst Column

Perpetually sensitive Alan Alda-wannabee, 70s throwback Richard Cohen (winner of the lifetime achievement award for writing bad columns) has done it again! Another World’s Worst Column®!

This one is so hard to figure out. Cohen tries to have sexual harassment both ways and ends up in a hot, tangled mess on the floor. Is he defending the Herman Cains of the world? Yes! Is he defending women against the likes of the Herman Cains of the world? Yes! Does Cohen mention that he was reprimanded by his employer for maybe harassing a female colleague? No!


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3 Responses to World’s Worst Writer® Writes World’s Worst Column

  1. One of the most fascinating attributes of these spineless wafflers is their ability to fellate themselves while wearing a tie. I’d be interested in seeing a suck-off between The Dick and David Brooks.

    Hey, perhaps they can help each other out!


  2. motocat says:

    I couldn’t find the exact column of Cohen’s that I was looking for (on sexual harrassment of women by construction workers, that Cohen
    didn’t think was a big deal), but on reviewing the tone and content of some of his columns during the search, he does seem to have
    a problem with women. He’s had a series of columns on women and the workplace, how they should dress and behave. Men, if you read
    his columns, do NOT take his advice.


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