We’ve seen this show before

“We have gone as far as we feel we can go,” Hensarling said. “We put $250 billion of what is known as static revenue on the table, but only if we can bring down rates. We believe we can bring the top individual rate down to 28, 29, maybe at most 30 percent, bring the corporate rate down to the median of the EU, 25 percent. And on balance, we think that would be pro growth. But, listen, any penny of increased static revenue is a step in the wrong direction.–Super Committee co-chair Jeb Hensraling

I know. I’m shocked. Imagine that, Wingnuttia is not now, nor have they ever been negotiating in good faith.

So what remains to be seen is if 1) the Dims will continue to negotiate against themeselves (seems likely), or 2) if our notoriously hands-off President will insert himself into the process (seems unlikely, but you never know) or 3) if Obama will veto whatever hot mess this supercommittee is going to propose.

I’m told that the charm of Kabuki theater is that everyone already knows the stories, they just like to see them acted out.


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7 Responses to We’ve seen this show before

  1. Bruce388 says:

    Repugs know that lowering rates produces growth. Just look how the Bush tax cuts have left us rolling in dough, low unemployment, and massive surpluses.


  2. or 2) if our notoriously hands-off President will insert himself into the process (seems unlikely, but you never know)

    Objection, Your Honor!

    Our president’s fingerprints are all over this mess. It grew directly from the seeds he planted with his “bi-partisan deficit commission.” His continued search for a “Grand Bargain.”

    (Search “grand bargain” and Joe Klein.” I dare you!)


  3. Hensraling is a bit difficult to understand, probably because of the amount of corporate hose he’s tonsil-juggling. And Obama would stand a good deal taller in my eyes if he were to ever get off his knees.

    That’s another day I’m likely to never see.


  4. Dimitrios says:

    To belong, Wingnuttia must generate enough faith to believe men once rode around on the backs of dinosaurs 6,000 years ago. By the time they’ve tried to eff that effing ineffable, they’re all out of faith — good, bad, or whatnot.


  5. Obummer, veto that hot mess? In your goddamn’ dreams, man. Do a little judicious search-engine sifting, and you’ll find out just what Obummer has really stood for — and has continued to stand for — pretty much all of his life as a politician — and you’ll understand why President Sparkle Pony has been using the Cat Food Commission and the Stuporcommittee to provide the cover for him to do what he’s wanted to do all along — dismantle Social Security and Medicare, and then claim that those Mean Old Rethuglicans made him do it… and, being its usual cowed and dickless self, Liberal America won’t raise a peep of protest because, of course, OMFG, A Rethuglican would be even worse!

    Jeezus H., man, I need a martini or two… or twelve. Actually, on second thought — skip the martinis, just give me some fucking heroin.


  6. knowdoubt says:

    Well, I’m no fan of B.O., but let’s face it – the Repugnutins don’t even pretend 2b anything but what they are.


  7. The butler did it.


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