It’s Official: Rick Perry is an idiot

Oh, crap, that’s just sad. Funny as hell, in a sad way.

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21 Responses to It’s Official: Rick Perry is an idiot

  1. I was watching that (on CNBC’s crappy livestream).

    The dream is over, Rickie. One L was more lucid.


    • Tengrain says:

      I couldn’t even find their crappy webstream. I could see their live blogging (which was dull and earnest) but without context, who cares?




  2. Matty Boy says:

    He’s gotta get back on that medication he had in New Hampshire. At least when he fucks up, he does a creditable Paul Lynde impression.

    Why do bikers wear leather?

    Because chiffon wrinkles so.


  3. I’ll have to wait for the transcript–I can’t listen to it. That said, how bad can it be? After all, he looks like a young Ronald Reagan, the GOP god. And Herman Cain. Did I mention Michelle Bachman? Newt Gingrinch. There, said it.


  4. Pissed, you have to see it to believe it.

    Ron Paul tries to help Perry out…help Rick describe his own plan!

    But it’s no use and in the end everyone…the audience, Ron Paul, the CNBC talking heads…is laughing at Rick Perry. In 54 seconds.


  5. Busted says:

    A little late on that proclamation ain’t ya?

    Go a bit back at my Place and you will see.


  6. It’s way more sad than funny – that’s just nervous laughter. There’s a whole posse of these clowns running for President of the United States.


  7. jim says:

    “Now, let’s see – err … I know those launch-codes had a 3, & a 7, & I’m PRETTY sure there were a couple of 5’s after that … dang it … come ON … can someone PLEASE help me out here before Jesus moonwalks down that rainbow?”


  8. Another Kiwi says:

    Get that man some SEYRUP stat!


  9. Crush says:

    don’t the other candidates know what the other’s policy proposals are? Geeze throw the guy a bone. Actually this reminds me of the Arizona Governors memory lapse. Maybe its a Republican thing. Instead of getting Alzy at the end of his second term like St. Ronnie, Perry got it before he even started.


  10. My favorite line… (go ahead, take it out of context as Perry has NO context) “…Ah’d get rid of education.” CLEARLY.


  11. Bruce388 says:

    You still have to admit: his hair looks fabulous and that has to count for something.


  12. Texas Betsy says:

    Clearly Texas has already eliminated education.


  13. grs says:

    Yeah, but you’re not going to have a beer with Mitt.


  14. murican says:

    “Clearly Texas has already eliminated education.”

    But give Texas credit. They tried with Rick. It just didn’t take.


  15. Some Techie says:

    Don’t forget murderous idiot.


  16. Another Kiwi says:

    From the BBC:
    But as media commentators wondered if his campaign could survive such a blunder, the Texas governor insisted he would not quit the White House race.

    “This ain’t a day for quitting nothing,” he said

    He didn’t really say that did he?


  17. It’s a day for quitting something, A.K.

    I’m going to give up sniffin’ glue.

    How ’bout you?


  18. murican says:

    This ain’t a day for quitting nothing,”

    The Tea Party hates a quitter, even one with perfect Werewolf of London hair, unless the quitter happens to be super-hot

    Tex was here!


  19. Bruce388 says:

    Murican, that picture of Sarah just screams Biblical scholar. Complete with communion wine.


  20. Another Kiwi says:

    Ah’m quittin’ nothing, Thunder. Jest like ole Ricky Smoothhair


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