The end of the empire

Lance Bass has started a new boy band. God, that’s just awful. And the music is bad, too.

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7 Responses to The end of the empire

  1. Pharmakeus Ubik says:

    Bad things happen when you mix with the wrong crowd, specifically, New York Governor Cuomo’s old lady:


  2. Laura says:

    What are those girls getting all excited about?? The only things those “boyz” are into is each other. 😉



  3. grs says:

    Shut. Up. This is not real. Is it? I could literally feel my testicles shrinking while I watched it.


  4. TG wants me to slit my wrists.

    But he just won’t come right out and say it.


  5. Paul E says:

    Pretty sure this is satire. Not very good satire, but satire nonetheless.


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