Not your Dad’s GOP

Did you ever think you’d see the day where a crowd of Republicans would boo an active-duty soldier?

But then again, they applauded letting the uninsured die, and all the various executions that have not bothered theocrat sessionist Rick Perry.

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10 Responses to Not your Dad’s GOP

  1. Since when does being gay mean you’re an active-duty SOLDIER? Hippie.


  2. distributorcap says:

    some of that frothy substance was rubbed on all who entered that building last nite…

    my favorite part was the “normal one” – Huntsman – said the boos were “unfortunate” AFTER the debate

    none of them are normal – they are all sociopaths


  3. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Total time in active duty for all GOPig’s on stage – 0

    ‘Public Service’ doesn’t count.

    Being able to send others into combat does not equate to having to run against a CareBear.


  4. PWL says:

    I wonder when they’re going to call for bringing back the ducking stool and burning witches.


  5. moeman says:

    What’s with the jazz hands and the smirk? Social experimentation? Fucking loser.


  6. joesdaughter says:

    And this is their public behavior…


  7. moeman says:

    BTW, aren’t American soldiers fighting for the pursuit of happiness? Santorum is a slimy shit.


  8. thebewilderness says:

    They love America but hate Americans. They love the Military but hate those who serve. They made that quite clear with their purple heart band aids quite some time ago.


  9. He just keeps gettin’ frothier by the day, eh?

    Ricky could be adequately dealt with by a handful of bathroom tissue; the sick animals in his audience might need stronger measures.

    I’m a peaceful man and am certainly not advocating anything physical, but I’m coming up short on a less corporal fix for their regression into animalism.

    Perhaps the “fix” lies in the M$M giving them less credence and more critical scrutiny?


  10. RWW says:

    As usual, Frothy twists the issue into something it isn’t in order to appeal to bigotry. It isn’t about sexual activity, it’s about EQUALITY. To say he advocates making sexuality, whether homo or hetero, a non-issue is an outright lie: no one was being expelled from the military for standing up and announcing their heterosexuality. This lying scumbag wouldn’t even reinstate DADT, he would go back to pre-DADT and aggressively target and exclude homosexuals. He should have said it so we could see the reptilian-brained audience explode in applause.


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