Bad Ads, cont.

This is a real ad, gone terribly, terribly wrong – it was supposed to be an ad for a salon, highlighting domestic violence, but… (The Daily Mail)

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Mr. C. Montgomery Burns)

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  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Her hair matches the couch but will her bloody nose match the shoes?

    Now, sit down honey and lets talk about what you did wrong.


  2. Lsamsa says:

    I think the owner of this salon needs to sit down for an hour or two & really listen to some abused women.
    The salon might have at the least, offered free services to residents of a local abused women’s shelter & done so without any publicity. That if they really cared about the problem & the victims.
    To ‘use’ this to sell your services…totally disgusting!


  3. nycedges says:

    At first I thought she was wearing some kind of fur wrap or is that supposed to be her hair?
    so is the message control those split ends or you’ll get a beat down????


  4. Some Techie says:

    I just don’t see the message.


  5. Bet the owner of the salon got all huffy at the cows who “didn’t get it.” Probably still has a long waiting list. Sigh.


  6. Dimitrios says:

    [snark off]

    Perhaps it’s because I received the only black eye I’ve ever had when I tripped and fell at a roller skating rink (in the good old days before safety helmets) but from the image shown, how does one know that the woman is a battered wife/girlfriend — unless one comes to the ad with domestic violence already on their agenda?

    Judging by the woman’s hair, I would have said it is just as likely that she’d been in a hair-pulling cat-fight with some woman her husband/boyfriend picked up. And now he’s trying to crawl out of the doghouse by giving her jewellery.

    Fluid Hair from Edmonton has been running this ad for about a year, but this controversy began only a week ago when it was brought up by a blogger.

    Seven of the nine-days-wonder have passed, a lot of bloggers have had a fresh topic to write about, commenters have expressed their outrage, Fluid Hair received plenty of publicity (google their slogan), the various abuse agencies and women’s shelters have been able to garner a bit more visibility for their worthy cause, and no one was really hurt.

    Except that the reason family violence is so difficult to stop, is because it’s difficult for the layperson to recognize. One black eye, or bruise, or scrape seldom proves anything. One must learn to recognize patterns of abuse and the reactions and relationships of the abused and the abuser.

    In that regard, except for successfully promoting Fluid Hair (no publicity is bad publicity) this was a bad ad which caused lots of heat, but precious little light.

    [/snark on]


  7. Torontonian says:

    As a Canadian, I’m ashamed that such an advertisement
    could come from a Canadian city–even if it’s Edmonton.

    Worse, are the bad furniture, lighting and models.
    There is absolutely nothing good about this ad, period.


  8. Bruce388 says:

    Not sure which is more frightening — the black eye or the hairstyle.


  9. This is what happens when you smoke pot. Canucks. Pshaw.


  10. The question posed: “Is that guy, who looks suspiciously like a mannequin (that may have fallen on her, causing the black eye), going to strangle her with the necklace or ask her to marry him?”

    Just askin.


  11. Looks like a cautionary tale about what getting boffed with the Cullinan Diamond will getcha.


  12. Another Kiwi says:

    That’s just weird. Is creepy (behind the couch FFS)watch guy some sort of hypnotist?


  13. Dimitrios says:

    My fellow CBC Viewers comment:

    Insightful: If the contest was called the Bachelorette no one would care.

    Realistic: Win $500 in the contest but lose $200,000 in the divorce.

    Funny: You sendink us money and then we sendink you bride.


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