How they pay their employees

Hey guys, remember that congressman from The Real World, Sean Duffy who said he could not live on his $174,000 salary? Me Neither! But anyway, it looks like he found a way to supplement his income:

Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., is the lead sponsor of legislation that recently passed the House that would curb the powers of a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He has received nearly 40% of his political action committee donations this year from the financial services and insurance PACs. The bureau, which has broad authority to protect consumers from financial fraud, is backed by consumer advocates and opposed by banks.

Duffy spokesman Brandon Moody said his boss wants to rein in regulatory overreach and protect small banks “suffering under onerous rule-making requirements.”

Campaign contributions play no role, he said. “People give to Congressman Duffy because they support his ideas and his issues,” Moody said. “They don’t give because he’s doing what they ask.”


USAToday (?!) has an exposé of the freshman teabaggers and how they are selling out to the highest bidder.

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3 Responses to How they pay their employees

  1. Politicians push bills supported by their donors? What’s next, a five-part series on the deliciousness of ice cream?


  2. Rob G in Chicago says:

    Politics should be legal only in certain counties in Nevada, or hang a “Bunny Ranch” sign on the Capitol, in keeping with promises of “transparency” from the Obama Administration.


  3. Dimitrios says:

    Actually, a “Bunny Ranch” sign in Washington would not be such a bad idea, were it not that the American electorate needs must always play the part of Ms. Bunny.


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