Move over, killer sheep

…so what is it? Former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams is running for Congress is saying Democrats are welfare recipients? Me, I think it is dude hangs out with a lot of asses.

Oh, and the successful businessman inherited the business from his dad.

(Think Progress)

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6 Responses to Move over, killer sheep

  1. And his effective tax rate is probably as low as it’s ever been, but facts don’t matter.

    Reagan (along with every President since) proved that.


  2. he is as old as roger williams from the pilgrims
    and much more stupid

    you have to wonder about republicans who hang around with donkeys


  3. Reamus says:

    Very strange dude…but in Texas what one would expect.


  4. Actually, that was a cute, funny and very effective pitch, well done and doubtless well received… by those who are already sold on Williams’ point of view and unfortunately, those who aren’t inclined to hurt their brains by thinking too hard about the content of what they’re fed.

    We need to take these people seriously and deal with them as a very real threat, due to the fact that the number of sheeple in this country is large and growing.


  5. HarpoSnarx says:

    I bet this used car salesman screws with the odometers of his shitboxes AND a couple of the actors from his commercial.

    I think the familiar elephant photo taking a dump would be an apt rebuttal to this micro TeaBagger wit.

    But: 1) the Dims won’t stand up for themselves OR us; 2) The teevee suits would refuse to run it; and 3) the Goops would master bait indignantly.

    Oh well I’m clocking the first one of these America fuckers who bitches about their health care voucher. I really mean it.


  6. Clock ’em good, Harpo!


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