London 2012 Olympics Logo!



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7 Responses to London 2012 Olympics Logo!

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Because of recent events the Olympic committee has announced it will be adding several ‘alterative sports’.

    Smash and Grab
    Burn and Plunder
    Dodging the Water Cannon 10k
    and my personal favorite – Shin Kicking

    Gawd that’s a weird county.


  2. grs says:

    That image is brilliant.


  3. It would be more compelling of the red hoop was flaming.


  4. MikeBoyScout says:

    Well, why the hell not?
    The gentlemenly geniuses chose “London Calling” as an Olympic advertising jingle and seem surprised that the kiddies took it seriously.


  5. Some Techie says:

    Instead of destroying the Big Brother surveillance cameras, these jokers go after the shiny consumer products. You just can’t find politically aware anarchists anymore.


  6. @Some Techie, heh.


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