Man Robs Bank for $1

You read that right.

He wanted to go to prison for the healthcare.

That’s right James Verone says he has no medical insurance. He has a growth of some sort on his chest, two ruptured disks and a problem with his left foot. He is 59 years old and with no job and a depleted bank account. He thought jail was the best place he could go for medical care and a roof over his head.

I could probably go on a rant about this, but I’m too depressed that it has come to this. There’s your American Dream, right there.



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6 Responses to Man Robs Bank for $1

  1. Some Techie says:

    I admire his intent but it doesn’t work that way. If you want govt provided health care you need to commit a major felony or be a member of Congress.


  2. This is so sad…


  3. Bruce388 says:

    “If you want govt provided health care you need to commit a major felony or be a member of Congress.”

    Would you care to explain the difference?


  4. It was the principle of the thing.


  5. Badtux says:

    One thing unstated here was the simple fact that Medicaid does not cover single men. Period. Not until Robamneycare kicks in full blast in two years and starts covering them. Of course, at the rate that state governments are cutting Medicaid, there may not be any doctors left accepting Medicaid patients by that time.

    So prison health care sucks, to the point where a significant percentage of the prisoners getting released from California’s state prisons (which has been under court order for years for violating the civil rights of prisoners with its disgustingly inadequate health care system) have drug-resistant TB or AIDS that they picked up behind bars. But even health care that sucks is better than no health care at all…

    Oh yeah, if you’re going to do this — do a federal crime, like rob a national bank. State prisons are little more than chattel houses nowadays. But if you can wait for two years, even Medicaid is better than prison healthcare. Just sayin’.

    – Badtux the Healthcare Penguin


  6. Mountjoy says:

    Meh, he’s actaully white bread and married, and wanted to go to prison for the man-on-man sex, and beatings, so used the healthcare story as a cover…


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