Giant Cavities?

Nicola Freeman creates giant replicas of Candy. The pieces are meant to juxtapose the ideas of consumerism with childhood memory. The art is made of solid plaster so they are super heavy and durable so people can walk around them and even touch them.

My mom didn’t let us have candy very often, so this doesn’t appeal to me very much, though I like the idea a lot. Now, if she were to make a giant ice cream, I’m in.


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3 Responses to Giant Cavities?

  1. Some Techie says:

    She makes a living this way?


  2. D’ahh, jeezus… not more fucking juxtaposition!

    I’ll bet if you prohibited the use of the words juxtapose and juxtaposition, it’d be damn’ near impossible for artists to write statements for grant proposals these days:

    I guess the surrealistically large fake candy is amusing enough, but the whole surrealistically large fake object sculpture thing was pretty much played years ago. I’ll bet this chick went to the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden back in college and saw the set of surrealistically large office tools and thought, ooohhh, awesome! When I get home I’ll make surrealistically large Smarties and Tootsie Pops and juxtapose them on something!

    Of course, this isn’t to say that I couldn’t totally get into a surrealistically large Cadbury Dairy Milk bar right now.


  3. PWL says:

    This is art?? Giant replicas of candy??? Boy, ever since Andy Warhol painted Campbell’s soup cans, it’s been a long slide downhill.

    Michaelangelo couldn’t make it in today’s “art” world…..


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