HuffPo finds theocrat in the woodpile


Hey guys, remember that theocrat guy, David Barton, who keeps rewriting US history to make us a Xristian nation as Baby Jeebus and the Founding Fathers (must have) intended? Me Neither!

But anyway, the HuffPo looked at his tax records, and the dude claims to be some sort of African American expert — to get deduction or something:

In filings with the Internal Revenue Service, Barton’s nonprofit, Wallbuilder Presentations, Inc., justified its tax-exempt status by highlighting among its “accomplishments” a video project “of the moral heritage and political history of African Americans.”

It’s a curious claim for the Tea Party favorite, who has twice given speeches in front of white supremacist groups — protesting later that he was ignorant of the groups’ professed racist ideology.

The HuffPo does a pretty good job of laying out all the contradictions of this old racist theocrat, and as much as I hate linking to them (PAY THE WRITERS), this one is worth the click.


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0 Responses to HuffPo finds theocrat in the woodpile

  1. dcmartin says:

    That’s hysterical.
    This clown knows as much about African American history as I know about being born with a penis……….NADA!


  2. I just hate the HuffPo website.

    I’ve come to expect my laptop (aka the winetop) to explode when I click there.

    How much b.s. can we set off when you make the mistake of clicking on out site? Wait, now there’s even more!!!