Dancing with the Gregory

Two odd bits of demographics to start our little gray cells this morning, Scissorheads:

Damn Liberal Media

Meet the Press (NBC): Tom Donilon, Michael Chertoff, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Hayden

Fox News Sunday (Fox): Tom Donilon, Dick Cheney

This Week (ABC): Tom Donilon, Condoleeza Rice, Husain Haqqani. Panel: Liz Cheney, Tom Ricks, Lawrence Wright

Face the Nation (CBS): Sen. Kerry, Donald Rumsfeld

State of the Union (CNN): Tom Donilon, Sen. Lugar, Anita Dunn, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Tom Davis

Do you notice anything odd about that guest list? The Sunday morning talk shows are going to feature, Bush’s former, Sec. of Homeland Security (Chertoff), Bush’s former CIA director (Hayden), Bush’s former vice president (Cheney), Sec. of Defense (Rumsfeld), Bush’s former Sec of State (Rice), and former Deputy Asst. Sec of State (Liz Cheney). Other Republicans on the shows will be Tom Davis, Rudy Giuliani, and Dick Luger.

The current members of the Obama administration featured on the Sunday morning shows total one Obama’s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.

(Politics USA)


-John McCain and Joe Lieberman have been intertwined a lot over the last few years and here’s another place where they share company- they are two of the three least popular out of the 81 sitting Senators PPP has done approval polls on since the beginning of 2010. McCain’s approval rating is only 34% with 53% of voters disapproving of him. That makes him the third least popular. Lieberman is the least popular and John Ensign is the second least popular.

Lieberman and McCain have the same problem- they’re not very popular with their party base but no one else likes them either. Only 44% of Republicans approve of McCain to 40% who disapprove and his spread is only 31/58 with independents and 23/67 with Democrats. There are other ‘maverick’ Senators who are not all that popular within their own parties- the Olympia Snowes and Susan Collins’ and Lindsey Grahams of the world- but they make up for it with good numbers from independents and Democrats. McCain and Lieberman’s actions have just caused pretty much everyone to dislike them.

(Public Policy Polling)

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0 Responses to Dancing with the Gregory

  1. Tengrain forgot that the networks are celebrating “Meet the Gangsters Week.”


  2. Paul W. Luscher says:

    Well, so much for the “Liberal Media”…

    No surprises here–the MSM is a corporate bunch. Stretching it a little here, but it’s like when NBC hired W’s bird-brained, boozing, party-girl daughter–they know whose asses they have to smooch….


  3. Bruce388 says:

    And then there’s Meghan McCain at the Daily Beast. Another job won on merit.

    A theory: The Bush gangsters have lots of time on their hands while Obama’s people have shit to do. I’m sure the buffet tables are sublime.


  4. I suggest we do a little “jumble” here, and call them Corporate National Broadcasting, Corporate American Broadcasting, etc.

    And really, I expected more from CNN. Probably because I don’t watch television.


  5. Some Techie says:

    Re the second photo. Is that a cake? Is that a face aimed toward the cake? It wouldn’t take much of a —-> nah, it’ll never happen.


  6. After spending all night face down on a barroom floor, Gregory sent this picture to his Mother.



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