Karnak says…

A Hamilton College class and their public policy professor analyzed the predicts of 26 pundits — including Sunday morning TV talkers — and used a scale of 1 to 5 to rate their accuracy. After Paul Krugman, the most accurate pundits were Maureen Dowd, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

… Those scoring lowest – “The Ugly” – with negative tallies were conservative columnist Cal Thomas; U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC); U.S. Senator Carl Levin (D-MI); U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, a McCain supporter and Democrat-turned-Independent from Connecticut; Sam Donaldson of ABC; and conservative columnist George Will.

No score on Pegginton Noonington, we suspect because she kept whispering about strawberries and clicking coins.


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0 Responses to Karnak says…

  1. moeman says:

    Isn’t Mooselini a graduated journalist on Fox?


  2. Well an ought-to-be-obvious kudos to Paul K., but MoDo is the next best?

    A vast wasteland, indeed.


  3. RobGinChicago says:

    I usually read Maureen Dowd for entertainment purposes, and not for accurate information. She can turn a phrase now and then, and she let loose with a pretty good one this morning in a column praising the “Cool Hand Barack” demeanor of President Obama, and his handling of the “hit” on Osama Bin Laden:

    Just substitute “Leave the copter, take the corpse” for “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”


  4. Dimitrios says:

    The class must be grading for accuracy to that old Democratic bugaboo, reality, not according to the new Republican ploy of promising “whatever-I-see-up-my-ass.”


  5. jo6pac says:

    No score on Pegginton Noonington. This is the correct score for little peggy


  6. darkblack says:

    No, no, not Joe – Why, he’s absolutely fabulist!



  7. MR Bill says:

    Ms. Noonan’s oeuvre partakes of the Sublime, in the manner of St. Theresa, or Raymond’s Mom in The Manchurian Candidate (the Angela Lansbury one..)and thus is beyond our petty standards of ‘accuracy’, in the service of the Higher Truth of Conservatism.



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