IRS Audits…

…will now ask: Have you had an abortion? Did you keep your receipt? if the GOP legislation passes as part of their “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”.

“Were this to become law, people could end up in an audit, the subject of which could be abortion, rape, and incest,” says Christopher Bergin, the head of Tax Analysts, a nonpartisan, not-for-profit tax policy group. “If you pass the law like this, the IRS would be required to enforce it.”

So ladies, be sure to ask your rapist for a receipt. And if he doesn’t give you one, well, you are having that kid. How any woman can vote for the GOP is beyond me.

(Mother Jones)

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0 Responses to IRS Audits…

  1. SkinnyDennis says:

    Pshh, must be a vicious rumor, everyone knows they want less government in our lives.


  2. abo gato says:

    Jesus fucking christ, I hate these people. They can’t fucking leave anyone alone.


    • Tengrain says:

      Abo Gato –

      What I love about the GOP is that they are so freakin’ consistent. Give them an inch, and they are in your womb while yelling about getting the government off your back. Give them a mile and they have their worst fear, the IRS in your womb, too.




  3. abo gato says:

    Many years ago I made sure there were NO repubs gettin in my vajay…..ya gotta have standards, ya know?


  4. raceynora says:

    Remember the screams from the right when the IRS was going to hire an additional 16,000 auditors to track who did not get health insurance? Hypocrites.



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